Mission Impossible - Adding Cruise Control to a 1988 Honda Crx Si

Cruise Control installed 10/13/2008 by Turk Russell of TurkRussell.com
, Waynesboro, Pennsylvania.

  • The TurkRussell.com web page is all about model trains, and says nothing about automotive work, but he does work on Hondas and Acuras.
  • Most experienced Honda technicians will tell you that you cannot put cruise control on a Crx.
  • It's not a simple operation where they can connect a few wires and then ring their cash registers, but it can be done.
  • Installing it requires some custom fitting. In addition, the Audiovox instructions for setting the dip switches are confusing.
  • We found that the 1998 Crx does not have the VSS (Vehicle Speed Sensing), so we had to put magnets on the right front axle to sense speed. The 1989 and newer Crx's apparently do have the VSS.
More Comments
  • Holding the speed of this car down to about a steady 60 mph is very difficult without a cruise control. The cruise control can maintain the speed between about 59 and 62 mph.
  • I had this this cruise control added, in an attempt to try to get better gas mileage. The Crx is the worst of the 3 models of Crx (Hf, Standard, & Si) for mileage, since it has the largest motor and lowest final drive ratio. But with $4/gallon gas, I'm trying to maximize the miles per gallon for what I've got.
Photo 1 - Technician Turk Russell at work

Photo 2 - Technician Turk Russell at work

Photo 3 - Showing the AudioVox Control Unit

Photo 4 - The Garage Area

Figure 5 - Dip Switch Settings
for Audiovox Model CCS-100